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Summer in Dunedin

One of the things I most enjoy about a summer in Dunedin is visiting Brighton beach. I know this blog entry is going to summer in Dunedinbe a bit controversial as I hear a lot of people saying that St. Clair has a lot more to offer.

You are certainly right about this when it comes to the beachy cafe scene in St. Clair that my wife loves so much and tends to drag me to for coffees but…and here comes the but…Brighton has a different charm, a character in its own right.

No pier you will say. No you can’t take any of these fantastic pier pictures that seem to float around all of Dunedin but I would like to argue that Brighton beach is one of the safest and child friendliest beaches we have on the entire Otago coastline.

My kids learnt how to swim on this beach and they have since progressed into serious wave riders. When they were babies and toddlers they splashed around the shallow peninsula part and now they join me out in the deep, riding all the serious waves. They are part of the Brighton Life Saving Club and are looking forward to being one of the big cool kids ‘on patrol’ in the future.

So whatever you are up to this summer, I hope you will find the time to make your way out to Brighton and enjoy a day with family and friends. Dunedin has so much to offer!