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Sell my home in Dunedin!

freedom realty - sell my homeI recently had an influx of buyers coming from outside of Dunedin including a lot of returning kiwis. So what makes these people discover our beautiful city at the moment?

Well Dunedin had a lot of positive publicity in the news over the last months. Our housing situation is still affordable in comparison with other cities. More on this here:


The Lifestyle in Dunedin

We do have a unique lifestyle with vast (and almost empty) beaches, a city that is lively with bars, cultural activities and the people that make this place so special. Dunedin scored second place in New Zealand in a recent quality of life survey. You can find more on this here:


Sell my home

So, it is better than o.k. in Dunedin and I currently have a vast list of buyers waiting for a house in Dunedin. So if you are looking to sell or rent your home soon, make sure to give us a call. We have the buyers!

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