Let Us Look After Your Property So you can Enjoy Your Extra Time!

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Property Management – Information for Landlords

Property Management – Let Us Look After Your Property So you can Enjoy Your Extra Time!

Property Management Services in Dunedin and Surround

The success and strength of our Property Management Department is due to open and honest communication with our clients and the high level of customer service we provide, combined with the experience and commitment we bring to effectively manage your real estate investment.
We can give you peace of mind – Our professional services allow you to know that your most important asset is being kept safe and well managed. Through the right tenant screening processes we endeavour to select the right person for your property. The collection of rent is a very high priority and we provide the earliest practicable payment to your account. We also deal with any rent arrears promptly and keep you informed in the process. We are Property specialists which means we do know the law when there is a need for it.
Our services at a glance:

1. Assess Rent

Usually our first job is to assess the rent of your property. We will let you know what we believe the market rate is for your property. Once we have agreed on a rental price we will advertise the property on our website accordingly (we also use other media channels too). If the property already has a tenant then we can still look to evaluate the rent for you.

2. Screening

All tenants who we consider for tenancy will need to pass our reference checks and a credit check. We also ask specific questions when looking to put a tenant in so we get to know why they are looking for a property, how long they are looking for, and whether or not we believe they will be suitable for your property.

3. Tenancy Agreements

After a consultation process with you, we will on your behalf enter into a residential tenancy agreement with the successful applicant.

4. Management

Once we have found a tenant and they pass the initial references and credit checks, we will do an inspection which will include a detailed report including photographs. We then monitor rent payments and follow up on any rent arrears immediately in accordance with the RTA.

5. Maintenance

We will organise maintenance on your behalf up to a set monetary value. For bigger works, or other work you request we will get quotes as required. We have a team of professional tradesman that we use often and therefore we are able to monitor the quality of the work that they carry out. We ensure all work is carried out to the correct standard and at the best cost to our landlords.

6. Inspections

We carry out inspections when a tenant moves in and leaves, and periodically every term.

Overall, we always aim to go the extra mile. This comes at no extra cost to you. We achieve this through acting only locally. We have the know how in the Dunedin market and we strive to keep our overheads low to be able to offer you a competitive price when it comes to property management.

We can save you money – Times are changing; we can give you the option of who pays the tenant finding fee. It can be charged to the landlord or the future tenant. This depends slightly on the type of property and  its desirability. We will talk to you about your circumstances regarding this topic.We have included a sample calculation below to give you a better idea of the total cost involved. We also included another calculations based on 10% commission for your convenience as this is a  popular fee structure around Dunedin with other  companies.
Here is an example calculation based on your potential house rent price of $300
8% of $300 = $24 (including GST) weekly plus one week rent (tenant finding fee—can be charged to future tenant)  – one off paymentCalculation based on 10% Fee (popular fee with other companies around Dunedin)
10% of $300 = $30 (GST included—make sure you double check!) weekly plus tenant finding fee.We manage your property throughout the year and keep you informed. We also inspect the property on your behalf at least 3 times a year (or more often if you choose to) and send you a photo property report. We stay in touch with the tenants and ensure that everything is in order.  We also organise repairs or any other necessary services.Contact us for a free, no obligation, rental appraisal or if preferred we can post our property management information pack to you.

property management in Dunedin

Our fee schedule
Property Management: 8% on rent (no GST)
Maintenance work arranged: 8% (no GST)
Attending mediation: $100 (no GST)
Attending Tenancy Tribunal: $100 (no GST)
Completing inspection: $50 (no GST)
Advertising Cost(Trademe): $50 (no GST)
Administration cost: $0

property management with trademe

Advertising your property for rent
We advertise on trademe.co.nz as we have found this to be the most effective way. Everyone is online these days and this means 24 hour exposure—rather than the weekend paper.
(If you do prefer the ODT we can arrange for it – talk to us).Having so many properties on trademe gives you the bonus to take advantage of our reduced fees.
Trademe advertising: $50
Plus facebook campaign free of charge
Facebook Advertising