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Property Management – why choose us?

 property management dunedinProperty Management – why choose us? Looking after your investment property can take up a lot of your time, increases stress levels and can cost you money. With our experience and processes in place we will ensure things to go a lot smoother. Property management starts with the right basics. We know it is crucial to find the right tenant . To do this we do credit and police checks along with other investigation avenues like the Otago Investors Association black list. We do at least 3-4 inspections each year or more if necessary. Make sure rent is up to date and to follow the right processes if tenants get behind.

By having a third party involved tenants know they can contact us 24-7 if anything goes wrong and we have a number of trades people in each trade to call on. With tenants not contacting owners it keeps it more professional and less personal.

Property Management: Knowing and following the law.

We are licensees and therefore have studied the property law. This means we know how to handle property management. We are experts in this field! We know how to deal when it comes to Tenancy Tribunals and what notices to give when things generally do not go so well. We also sell houses and are in contact with people that sell and need to rent a property. This gives us access to future tenants be it for short or long term rentals.

We look after all maintenance concerns like cleaning spouting, chimneys etc. so you can focus on more important things in your life.

In most cases if you have happy tenants they will continue paying and care about your property more and treat it like their own.
However, your relationship with your tenant can change quickly if you don’t understand the law like giving the correct notice for different circumstances when you need access.

So if you are looking for property managers in Dunedin, then give us a call. Find out our full list of services and costs here.