Real Estate DunedinWe are Specialists in Marketing Real Estate in Dunedin

Step 1: Market Analysis

Marketing real estate? This is the most crucial step when marketing your house for sale. Everybody knows the basics: de-clutter, stage and clean, clean, clean.
We are happy to help and identify the important areas that need addressing. Sometimes an hour with a gardener can do wonders!

Step 2: Advertising

Looking for more potential buyers when marketing real estate? We can help your home stand out in a very competitive marketplace.
We advertise in various ways. The Property Press, the usual websites like and but we also promote properties on social media and other more cost effective ways. If you are looking for effective ways of marketing your real estate speak to us now!

Step 3: Closing

Pricing, staging and marketing real estate are the first steps in successfully selling your home, but closing the deal requires in-depth knowledge and experience.  Once you have accepted an offer, a lot of details remain before you get to the closing table. Purchase offers on your home may be complicated and might contain special clauses.  Price is not the only consideration.  We will help you understand and evaluate offers and work hard to get you the best terms possible.  Understanding contingencies and closing loopholes will help you close the transaction.
In many cases, the most critical elements of a home sale occur after the buyer and seller have reached an agreement.  These components of the transaction may include building inspections, LIM reports,objections,  valuations, resolution deadlines, title searches, surveys and more.We will help you understand the process and keep the transaction on track.
Most importantly we will help you navigate the critical steps once the final offer is made so that you can close the deal with confidence.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has become a powerful tool to connect with people. Freedom Realty uses Facebook for targeted marketing real estate campaigns. Exposure is to targeted groups, e.g. ‘residents of Dunedin’.A campaign exposes your property to usually around 3000 people.This is included in our listing fee and is free of charge .For further examples, please see