How to buy property in Dunedin

How to buy property in Dunedin

We can help you find the right place – to buy, to invest or to rent.

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We are happy to help

We have the experience and knowledge and most of all we are happy to help you buy property in Dunedin. We are honest and reliable people. We started and own this company and have a long reputation of honest, reliable advice and service. You can call our office on 4811 977 or contact one of our salespeople. We go the extra mile – always!

We know Dunedin and the Dunedin market

We have lived in Dunedin for most of our lives and know all areas. We can guide you in the right direction when you are unsure. We are happy to create property shortlists according to your requirements and wishes. We have helped many, many buyers over our many years of experience to find the right homes.

We keep up to date with the current market and are aware of any changes, predictions etc. Most importantly it is our job to know the market and we are happy to share this knowledge!

We know how to buy property in Dunedin

We have the contacts to organise any reports, like building, electrical, LIM etc. We can get you in contact with lawyers, mortgage brokers or any other services you might require and best of all…we are more than happy to share all that expertise and knowledge with you.

So make sure to contact us when you want to buy property in Dunedin! Call us or pop into our offices in Green Island.


Useful links

The Dunedin City Council website has some good information on how to buy property in Dunedin. to search for properties (we list all our properties on this site)