Freedom Walkthrough Productions

Freedom Walkthrough Productions

virtual tourVirtual Tours make your property stand out

The Internet as a platform has opened up a whole new range of possibilities to marketing your property. Some buyers have to shortlist their viewings and miss out on open homes due to timing constraints. Freedom Realty’s aim is to make your property stand out from the rest of the crowd and get as many potential buyers through your property as possible.

What is the walkthrough?

Freedom Walkthrough Productions combines high quality pictures, movie clips and panoramic views with either voice over or music or a combination of the two to take all potential buyers on a virtual tour of your property. Most buyers will do their research prior to open home time online and a walkthrough can help your property to stand out significantly.

You can watch a sample video here

The walkthrough is free of charge

A Freedom Walkthrough Production comes free of charge to all our vendors. We will simply come through with our filming equipment during the first open home or by prior appointment if preferred. It will then take us a couple of days to produce the virtual tour. You can then view this tour on our website as well as you tube. Feel free to subscribe to our Freedom Realty You Tube Channel. We will also advertise your property’s walkthrough on our Freedom Realty Facebook page.