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10 low-cost tricks to get your house ready for sale

10 cheap ways of getting your property on the market
1) Gardening: get your garden into shape, weed the flowerbeds and consider adding some flowers in pots. That also has the advantage that you can take them with you after a successful sale.
2) Entrance: first impressions do count, so make sure you tidy up your entrance area. Get rid of all the shoes, scooters and other junk. You could consider painting your front door if necessary, a quick and cost effective fix.
3) Paint and wallpaper: this is probably the cheapest high impact improvement you can do. A freshly painted wall can really make a property stand out. You might not have to paint the entire house but could look into just doing up some feature walls by either painting them or putting up a wallpaper. Make sure to keep things relatively neutral though so all potential buyers can visualise themselves in their future home.
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4) Pictures: for this same reason you should also remove family photos as this can distract potential buyers and might hinder them to see themselves in your property.
5) Cleaning: well, that’s quite a big one. A lot of people get put off by unclean and untidy open homes. I know, this can be quite strenuous and demanding to have everything shiny on a particular day, especially when you have little ones around, but it is worth it. Any property improves through cleanliness.
6) Fix ups: make sure you fix all these little things that have not been working for years. Chance is that a future buyer comes along and wants to try exactly that.
7) Lighting: the right light can make or break a property. Firstly you should have all lightbulbs working and then you should walk around your house throughout various times and check if your property could benefit from additional lighting.
8) Clean the oven: yes right, the cooks of every family will agree, if you want to visualise yourself in a kitchen, a clean oven is a must.
9) Flooring: spot clean any rugs and carpets. You can hire a steam cleaner from the supermarket if you have some stains. This will not just clean your floors but will also add a nice fresh odour to your house.
10) Call us: we are happy to come around and give you more practicable tips on what exactly you could or should be doing to get your house ready for sale. We are happy to help!